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The "Home for Christmas" Crier No. 1
Monday, Sept. 30, 1991 - Page 6

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The following is a reproduction of an original Clark AFB Philippine Flyer, Newsletter #81, describing the dramatic events leading up to and following the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Photographs have been added from various sources.
Original copy contributed by Vincent J Slupecki, Wagner HS Class of 1970

6 Philippine Flyer

continued from page 5

When we leave Clark, we plan to take the dogs. Some will go to other bases in PACAF, and the rest will return to Lackland.

The horses also fared well despite damage to some of the stables. Feed was no problem -- the cops keep a 90-day supply on hand at all times. so they had enough for their horses and MWR's.

And because of the condition of the base, the horses assumed a larger share perimeter patrol duty. Picking up 39 horses from MWRÕs stock the mounted horse patrol has grown to 59. The extra horses give the cops a lot more flexibility.

The 76 remaining MWR horses were sold at auction with S.M. Butterfly the top prize, drawing 65,000 pesos. The SP horses will be well taken care of, too. Several options are being considered, but nothing's concrete yet.

The Family Zoo was intact when we returned, but there were some hungry animals inside. Feeding them was no problem once we got access to the food in the commissary, since most of the perishables weren't fit for humans, anyway.

MWR folks have donated some of the animals to the zoo in Manila, and they're looking for good homes for the others.

The final word

When we turn the base over to Philippine control, we'll do it with heads held high, knowing all of us -- evacuees and ash warriors alike -- pitched in to complete Clark's last mission with pride and professionalism. And after the final ceremony ends, we'll all look forward to joyful reunions with our families and friends.

These last four months have been a real test for all of us. Through it all, the Clark family shined -- pulling together, helping each other, and standing proud -- just as Americans have done for more than 90 years here.

Probably the toughest aspect of the whole ordeal was the sudden exodus of families and friends. In too many cases, we just didn't have a chance to say goodbye to the people closest to us. Maybe this is our chance to do that for everybody.

So, for the Clark Family -- wherever you may be thanks, good luck, and Godspeed. Let's keep in touch.

Thought for the day

At Clark, quality is never an issue...it's the
object of all our efforts.

Taken from the Sept. 6 Philippine Flyer


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