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Click here to go to the WHOA Home Page Welcome to the Wagner High Online Alumni (WHOA) internet pages. The WHOA and many related pages are a nonprofit service sponsored by Gary McClellan '75 and supported by the volunteer efforts and donations of our members. These pages also form the "Home" Pages for all currently listed Wurtsmith Memorial Schools and Wagner High School related internet sites and associations. 

From the WHOA Home Page you can find information about easily joining our large active group of former students, faculty, administrators, employees and friends. You can also quickly search for long lost classmates, visit our class year related sites, or just enjoy the many photos, written memories and other nostalgia from Clark AB and the Philippine Islands. Many of our new features include online reproductions of Fledgling yearbooks, Falcon Criers, Philippine Flyers, Nipa News and much more.

Click here to register with the WHOA Alumni Directory If this is your first visit to WHOA, you should to do two important things, register yourself on our WHOA Alumni Directory and sign-up for our e-mail based Mailing List. When you register yourself on our database, you provide contact information for others who may be searching for you or who may wish to provide you with information about Wagner Alumni Associations, reunions or other interesting activities. When you join our online mailing list, you will automatically receive copies of e-mail messages between other members of WHOA regarding any Wagner related topic including activities, news, and personal memories. You can even participate in any mailing list "conversations." 

You can register and sign-up for these activities on the WHOA Home Page. You will also find detailed information and help on our Frequently Asked Questions FAQs/Help Page, especially if you are also new to the internet.

As you become more familiar with the WHOA Pages, you will want to visit our many sponsored and related web sites. And, of course, you will find it convenient to visit these sites directly from our WHOA Home Page.