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Planned Reunions

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Mabuhay! Welcome to the Class of '91's 30th Reunion. The Class of '91 will be hosting the reunion but of course it is open to any Waggies and Clark AB peeps! The venue is the Avanti Palms Resort, Orlando, FL, 25-27 June 2021! Hope to see you all there!!

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Happy Birthday Today

First Name Last Name Then Last Name Now Class
Shayne Bomgren Fuxa 82
Leroy Bulson 79
Jerrisha Burton Sterling 89
Jerome A Cruz 96
Mary Hayden Logan 70
Debbie Henry Reynolds 73
Barb Hoye Poole 70
Candace Lee Peery 68
Marshall (Dave) Martin 62
Tezra Templeman McGuirk 82
Denise Thomas Lange 84

Recent Losses to the Falcon Family

Attending Wurtsmith or Wagner High School at Clark Air Base, Philippines was a unique and enriching educational experience for American families. We were privileged to have been in a beautiful country, and to have known and shared with the always friendly Filipino people.

Although the eruption of nearby Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 closed our schools forever and ended nearly a century at Clark, our friendships and memories continue with this web site.

We welcome all former Clark AB students, teachers, administrators, employees, families, and friends!

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