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WHOA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Help Page
wagner@whoa.org -- Answers to Frequently Asked Questions - Version 1.4

Last updated: December 2010

Copyright (C) 1996-2010  Wagner High Online Alumni-All Rights Reserved

This file may be freely copied and redistributed. All we ask is that it remains whole and intact and that this notice is not altered.

Maintainer: Debbie Goldey Wardick '76<admin@whoa.org>

This file (whoa.faq) is intended to provide answers to certain questions that come up regularly on the wagner@whoa.org mailing list. People who are new to the mailing list are encouraged to read this document before posting to the mailing list.

This FAQ has been created by me (Debbie Goldey Wardick '76) in accordance with the prevailing traditions and customs of the Internet, which place high value on the free dissemination and exchange of information.

This is a living document. It exists because of the contributions of many Wagner alumni and faculty. If you have a question that you think should be here, please let me know. It's nice if you can provide the answer as well, but that is not a requirement. I will do my best to update this FAQ regularly, but in all honesty I am more strongly motivated to do so when I receive support and encouragement from others in the Wagner alumni and faculty community.

Please note that the information presented here is not guaranteed to be free from errors. If you find any, please let me know and I will fix them. Also please note that E-mail addresses and URL's are not guaranteed to work forever and may not be accessible from your particular site. For the sake of consistency all addresses are given in URL format.

Table of Contents

1. What is the purpose of whoa-chat@googlegroups.com?

2. Any ground rules for posting?

3. The mail from whoa-chat@googlegroups.com is overwhelming me! What can I do?

4. I miss being overwhelmed, how do I switch back to the regular list?

5. What other mailing lists are available at whoa.org?

6. How can I locate fellow alumni/faculty?

7. My contact information in the Alumni Directory is wrong.

8. Help! My EMail addresses has changed!

9. I want my class represented on the Web page. What can I do?

10. When is the next reunion?

11. I need to get my transcript from Wagner. Where do I go?

12. Are there any common questions with no right answers?

13. Who contributed to this FAQ?

14. My question isn't on the above list. How can I get help?


What is the purpose of the mailing list:   whoa-chat@googlegroups.com?


To discuss anything and everything related to Wurtsmith/Wagner High Schools, living at Clark AB, Angeles City, Philippines and/or the common experience of being a military brat.


Any groundrules for posting?


Of course!

While there are no strict rules, we all try to follow these guidelines (most are common Internet courtesies):

Sign all posts with "full name" known in school and "class of". A name that others can use to look you up in the yearbooks is a very good idea. Even if you did not graduate, list the class you would have graduated.

Because of the volume of EMail, we strongly encourage readers of the mailing list to NOT reply to messages along the lines of "Me too!", "You go, girl!", etc. Please send encouragement like that to the indiviudal involved. If you find that you are engaged in a conversation in the mailing list that involves only one or two other people, please take the conversation 'offline' (in other words, move your conversation to private EMail with the parties involved).

Foul language is strongly discouraged. Language and etiquette should be observed with taste and good humor.

In replying to messages, try to reduce quotes to ONLY the part of the message you are replying to. Please, please, please do not quote an entire message unless absolutely required for context.

There may be many diverse conversations going on at one time on the mailing list. When replying to a message, please indicate the context in some manner (a salutation for the person you are replying to, inclusion of a bit of their message or a paraphrase of what they said is usually adequate).

Conversations that get started under one subject may branch off into other subjects. Please take the time to ensure that the subject you use when replying accurately reflects your conversation.

Please don't forward a message from another person to the group without that person's permission.


The mail from whoa-chat@googlegroups.com is overwhelming me! What can I do?


In addition to the 'regular' mailing list at whoa-chat@googlegroups.com, there is also a 'digest' version available. A mailing list digest receives all of the same Email as the regular list, but it gets packaged into one single EMail message.

If the EMail from wwhoa-chat@googlegroups.com is overwhelming you, consider subscribing to the digest. To do this,change your parameters withing Google Groups.


I miss being overwhelmed. How do I switch back to the 'regular' list?


Change your parameters with Google Groups.


What other mailing lists are available at whoa.org?


See http://whoa.org/lists.html


How can I locate fellow alumni/faculty?


The best place is via the Wagner Alumni Directory. You can view the Alumni Directory online at http://www.whoa.org/directory.html.


My contact information in the Alumni Directory is wrong.


You can correct your entry by visiting http://www.whoa.org/new.html and supplying the correct information. Or, drop an EMail to Debbie Goldey Wardick '76 at admn@whoa.org with the correct information.


Help! My EMail addresses has changed!


To update the Alumni Directory with your new EMail address, simply see the previous question.


I want my class represented on the Web page. What can I do?


Contact the Webmaster, Gary McClellan '75 (gary@whoa.org). He is currently managing the WHOA Web page(s) and can assist with whatever you may need in terms of quidance. Remember that he is *volunteering* so don't expect to receive a complete discourse on creating Web pages!


When is the next reunion?


At this point in time, all reunions are being organized by various groups of alumni, most based on specific years of graduation and/or attendance. However, all reunions are open to all Wagnerites regardless of the class you belonged to (even if you did not graduate from Wagner/Wurtsmith)

The best place to locate information about planned reunionsis to check our Reunion Bulletin Board at http://www.whoa.org/reunions/, which is also linked via the WHOA Web Page (http://www.whoa.org). Be sure to check out the pages for each alumni group. 


I need to get my transcript from Wagner. Where do I go?


Transcript Requests

If you graduated from a DoDDS less than five years ago you must contact your school or regional office for a copy of your transcript. If you graduated more than five years ago the records have been turned over to Prometric, a company that keeps track of high school records for schools.

1260 Energy Lane
St. Paul, MN 55108

Phone: 1-877-471-9860
Fax:  651-603-3008

URL: www.prometric.com (scroll down to the HOW TO ORDER A DODDS TRANSCRIPT section)


Are there any common questions with no correct answers?


Yes. Which was the BEST class at Wagner?


Who contributed to this FAQ?


Debbie Goldey Wardick '76 <admin@whoa.org> and Gary McClellan ('75) <gary@whoa.org>


My question isn't listed. How can I get further help?


Send an e-mail, with your question directly to WHOA, at: help-wagner@whoa.org