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The WHOA Bulletin Board has the following sections:
News and Announcements - Lost and Found - Personals - Guestbook - Reunions - CAB Bulletin Board
We have bulletin boards for both WHOA and  CAB.

The News and Announcements section provides information, requests, and bulletins about our web sites, organizations, related sites, etc.  Our Lost and Found section posts alumni searches.  Personal requests for information, support, etc. can be found in our Personals section.  The Guestbook is our forum for registration on our directory, and for messages, requests, and searches.  Our Reunions pages provide information about upcoming events and an archive for past reunions.  The Clark AB Bulletin Board also provides similar services directed at former CAB military personnel, families, employees, and friends.

To contribute or post on the Bulletin Board, send an e-mail message to the Webmaster.  Include the text of your posting and where you would like to have it placed on the Bulletin Board. You should include your name and class of/faculty or administrator status, if applicable.  Please provide any other information you feel is appropriate. 

These are  nonprofit sites, archives, and services sponsored by WHOA and CAB members.  They are maintained by designated volunteers, and they reserve the right to determine suitability or acceptability for any material on this/these pages.

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