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Wagner High School Class of 1989
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1989 Fledgling Yearbook - Commencement Program - 1986-Pinatubo Alumni Association - Reunions
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Prisoners of Wagner
Commencement Exercises:Wednesday, June 14, 1989 Audrey M. Bobbitt Theatre 7:00 pm

Class Flower: White Orchid

Class Colors: Turquoise & Black

Class Motto: "Let the dreams we eagerly imagine give use the light in which to see our paths and the foresight to choose the correct one"

Summa Cum Laude
Magna Cum Laude
Cum Laude
Valedictorian: Michael Perrino Saluatorian: Tah Bevill
Erica-Michelle Salas 
Michelle Gallagher 
Toriano Faulkner
Neil Lagman 
Patrice Palomares 
Mike Wilson 
Paul Mumford 
Darrien Demps 
Cecilia Jackson 
Kimberly Gaskill
Amy Gunter-Chapman 
Theresa Elmo 
Leah Beckham 
Natalie Sosnick 
Arachelle Laranang 
DeLisa West 
Dana Abadilla 
John Cronan 
Shelley Evans
Senior Class Officers
SGA Representatives
President: Darrien Demps 
Vice President: Leah Beckham 
Secretary: MaryJo Ball 
Treasurer: Mike Wilson
Tah Bevill
Carl Burris
Ian Jones
Neil Lagman

1989 WHS Graduating Class
Christine Abadilla
Alain Delos Reyes
Cecilia Jackson
Alfonso Petrosky
Efrencito Argabright
Darrien Demps
Jamie Jamison
Linda Pettry
Tanya Agustin
Debbie Dudley
Ian Jones
Fredrick Pinkney
Iris Ayson
Ella Duncan
Kenneth Jones
Gina Piper
William Balgoyen
Ray Duncan
George Kennedy
Cathy Poungmalai
MaryJo Ball
David Durocher
Brian Kjeer
Tawana Powell
Leah Beckham
Sean East
Neil Lagman
Christina Reyna
Tah Bevill
Maria Elmo
Mario Lantion
Coutney Roberts
Phil Black
Shelley Evans
Arachelle Laranang
Yvonne Roger
Matthew Bohl
Toriano Faulkner
Sherilyn Leano
Shelley Salas
Roanne Bolus
Kimberly Felker
Jerry Lewis
Normita Singleton
Dino Bonifacio
Glenn Flojo
Linda Lewis
Sondra Slaven
Kevin Booty
Scotte Foppe
Desiree Llamas
Natalie Sosnick
Perlita Bravo
Leroi Foster
Stephanie Lutz
Kenneth Stewart
Paul Briscoe
Renita Francis
Michael Mason
Susanna Straughn
Carl Buriss
Michael Franklin
David Matthews
Ardinn Subervi
Alexandra Burns
Yolanda Freeman
Yvete McDaniel
AJ Suchoski
Jerrisha Burton
Stephen French
Sonia Melton
Janene Thomas
Beth Butler
Michelle Gallagher
Marites Meridy
Richard Thompson
Kenneth Butts
Kimberly Gaskill
Dyana Middleton
Tammy Trembath
Rebecca Calabia
Scotty Giles
Catherine Mitchell
Steve Truesdell Jr.
Jonny Canadari
Tanya Glover
Pamela Mize
April Underwood
Christina Canlas
Billy Goode
Richard Morse
Beverly Valk
Vallerie Castillo
Kenneth Goodman
Paul Mumford
Robert Velez
Noelito Collazo
Amy Gunter
Edwina Myrick
Michelle Voorhies
Lamanneatta Conn
John Gwynn II
Nikki Nelson
Delisa West
Allen Cracknell
Cecilia Hare
Luis Ojeda
William Westray
John Cronan
Deon Harshbarger
Sundy Oltjenbruns
Tasha White
Roland Cutaran
Jim Hilson
Glenn Ordonez
Donald Williams
Steven Cyr
Glenn Hoover
Patrice Palomares
Jennifer Willis
Alegria Deguzman
Barry Hurst
Jerry Pearson
Michael Wilson
Bernadette Dela Cruz
Belinda Jackson
Michael Perrino
Patricia Dela Cueva
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What was unique at Wagner for the Class of '89?
From Patrice Palomares Lewis
Submitted: 1994

Being born and raised at Clark AFB, I felt a great loss when they closed the base down because of Mt. Pinatubo. My greatest memories were at Wagner Middle and Wagner High where I met my very closest friends, including my future husband, Jerry Lewis. Both my parents were educators. My father was a guidance counselor at Grissom earlier in his career and at Wagner Middle until they were evacuated. My mother was an ESL teacher at Wagner Middle. My brother, Alan (Class of 86) and I were the few "teachers" kids who were born there and stayed until our graduation. So, we saw a lot of people come, go...and even come back.

The people that I keep in touch with all feel that we're all part of a family and constantly reminisce about the good ol' Wagner days. There's a special bond which hold us together - probably a result of being in a "little America" in a foreign country (on a tropical island even).

I remember all the road trips we took for volleyball, softball, and basketball..riding on the bus to Manila, Subic, or Baguio. Then, there were the great Far East trips. In the late 80's a new teen center was built, Images, which became a kind of a hangout. Then, of course, there was Fields Avenue where everybody went out (mostly illegally). So many things changed around the base....the Bamboo Bowl became "Challenger Field." A new high school was built (practically across the street from my house), which seemed so foreign to me when I went back for Christmas. The base was still beautiful and well maintained.It was such a shame that it was going to be closed.

When I went back for Christmas after the volcano erupted, it was so sad and depressing to see all the damage. The base looked like a ghost town, as well as the surrounding communities. The Philippine Air Force had moved into some of the housing and had their squadrons in some of the buildings. The only thing that seemed to be taken care of was the golf course. There were still guards everywhere and the only reason why we were probably allowed on base was because we are Filipinos (we didn't tell them that we were American citizens).

It was all that I had known for 18 years of my life. Now that it's gone, my memories of Clark hold an even deeper meaning since I'll never be able to see it again. But in an attempt to keep the memories alive, for those of you interested, a few alumni and I are trying to put together an address database together for a future reunion (hopefully in a year or so) for WHS alumni. Our main target classes were 84 and up, but anyone is welcome. You can send addresses to me at my email address: patrice.lewis@usa.net

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