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Commencement ExercisesThursday, June 13, 19857 P.M.Audrey M. Bobbitt Theatre, Clark AB, Republic of the Philippines
Class Flower:  Red RoseClass
Colors:  Blue & White
Class Song:  "Moment of Truth" by Survivor
Class Motto:  "Never will arrive a better class than '85!"
Class Theme: "How High I Aim,How Far I Reach, How Much I SeeDepends on Me."
Senior Class Officers
Student Government Officers
President:  Stacey "Woody" Williams Vice President:  Bruce Estok Secretary:  Renee Coleman Treasurer:  Stephanie Rothman
President:  Tim Sutton Vice President:  Mike Kem Secretary:  Tripti Mahendra Treasurer:  Lanie Carroll 
Senior Reps:  Angela Stoll, Heidi Hees 
Summa Cum Laude
Magna Cum Laude
VALEDICTORIAN L. Lanie Carroll SALUTATORIAN  Michael Povich 
Bruce Estok Cristin Williams 
Greg Giondomenica Tripti Mahendra 
Cum Laude Nancy Crandall, Jeanette Dale, Heidi Hees, Jose Hoffman, Tammie Hunter, Michael Kem, Nathlie Libby, Ed Pabros, Peter Stankovich, Tim Sutton, Alfred Versoza, Stacey Williams

  From the very cluttered desk of Stacey "Woody" Williams:
   Welcome (finally) to the class of 1985's home page.......I know, this took far too long to accomplish....but what the heck, better late than never, no?  (This page and the linking pages to come are still under construction.)

What's to Come:
April 1999, New Orleans Reunion (Classes 1980-85)
1985 Senior Superlatives Page
1985 Online Yearbook
Then & Now
Far East Basketball & Cheerleading Champions!!!
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WHOA   ~  Wagner High Online Association

Who's Here and Who's Missing In Action   The following folks have registered with the Wagner High Online Association as Class of '85 members.  This list includes those individuals who would have graduated with us had they had the luxury of staying in the P.I.
Philip Alder
Kenneth Allen
Kristin Allen-Boomer
Larita Anderson-Manalili
Jennifer Avelino
Ralph Barber
Bryan Bates
Patrick Boyle
Eric Brown
Joanne Brown-Evans
Vincent Childs
Lara Renee Coleman
Nancy Crandall-Jarrell
Michael Daffin
Kevin Dearing
Shelly Downs-Wilder
Stephanie England-Barber
Bruce Estok
Barbara Foote-Klein
James Grant
Barbara Johnson-MacDonald
Kylene Jones-Nickerson
Joe Keeler
Michael Kem
Miyuki Klumpp-Knecht
Maria Lachack-Madison
Maria Lippi
Patricia Mackintosh
Stacie Miller
Merlita Miyashiro-Thomson
Mike Mras
Lynne Okopski
Edvardo Pabros, Jr.
Shirley Perez-Acosta
Julius Plater
Cynthia Ruckman-Driver
Gary Ruff
Tom Shick
Lena Smith-Nehring
Peter Stankovich
David Taylor
Alex Thomson III
Alfred Versoza
Orville Vertudez
James Walton
Sean Williams
Stacey Ann Williams
Yacuel Scott
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The following Wagnerites are still unaccounted for:(These names were taken from the 1985 yearbook.)
Antonieta Allison
Prateep Baithong
Juanito Luway Baker
Margie Baker
Valier Baker
Marlynn Bellard
Cecil Blair
William Blair, Jr.
Barry Burroughs
Julie Cannon
Gine Capitanio
L. Lanie Carroll
Frank Carson
Joey Chen
Patrick Coady
Henry Compton
Stephanie Crumbliss
Philip Curtis
Marlene Javier Dadez
Arleen Davis
Jeanette Dale
Wesley Dean
Natasha Drake
Carolyn Esquivel
Tengle Yvette Felder
Rosario Forster
Jessie Foster, Jr.
Laura Garrett
Greg Giondomenica
Keith Hancock
Lara Hannes
Larry Harris
Heidi Hees
Elizabeth Heinemann
Kimberly Hinch
Joey Hoffman
Theola Holimon
Lara Hannes
Larry Harris
Heidi Hees
Elizabeth Heinemann
Kimberly Hinch
Joey Hoffman
Theola Holimon
Tammie Hunter
Rodrick Hutchins
Jinky Inocencio
Kerry Johnson
Tanya Johnson
Dawn Lamie
Robin Leckwart
Nathlie Libby
Eugene Likins
Robert Loback
Suanne Loyer
Carrie Luckinbill
Mickie Maez
Tripti Mahendra
Alex Mataban
Karen McGhee
Imelda Mercer
Gina Milano
Richard Miller
Charles Mizell, Jr.
John Morse
Gisada Nelson
Deron Ochs
Yolanda Oswald
Cheryl Ann Patrick
Michael Povich
Narissa Prater
Agnes Reyes
Stephanie Rothman
Gerald Ruff
Suthep Sandprawej
Jarrod Scott
Blanca Servando
Kenneth Smith
Maria Silva 
SpaethSommai Srivilai
Michael Starkey
Reginald Staten
Thomas Stewart
Angela Marie Stoll
Panit Sudsawat
Jimmy Sunley
Timothy Sutton
Sherry Swayze
Maureen Tarmas
Maria Toledo
Deborah Torrez
Stephanie Tyron
Raymond Unsell, Jr.
Orville Vertudez
Anthony Viands
James Lee Walton
Patricia White
Cristin Lee Williams
Alberto Wolfs
Leslie Michelle Woods
John Zinn
Jeffrey Zuyus
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