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Recent Wagner HS and Clark AB Photos

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All photos and material contributed Doug Perkins '82
300 Wing
Photo #1

The 200 Wing, Wagner High School.

300 Wing
Photo #2

The 300 Wing, Wagner High School.

This is a pic of the 300 wing- some construction going on but I didn't see any sign of any activity while i I was there.
I was told that the plans for the school was to turn it into a casino

Bamboo Bowl/PAF Parade Grounds
Photo #3

The Bamboo Bowl/PAF Parade Grounds

Bamboo Bowl is now being used by the Philippine Air Force for their parade ground. 

There are military police stationed there to guard it - why? When I stopped to take this pic I was stopped by one of them and told I was not allowed to be taking pics without permision from their headquarters. I started talking to the young military police and explained to him how I had grown up there and had played soccer there then he relaxed and told me how he had played football there against the Americans when the bases were still open. Then I asked him if I could take my pics - he looked around, then told me to hurry.

Bobbit Theater/Cultural Center
Photo #4

The Clark Special Economic Zone Cultural Center, formerly the Bobbitt Theater.

Boy's Entrance to Wagner Gym
Photo #5

The Boy's entrance to the Wagner HS Gym.

This is the boys entrance to the gym - the door is welded closed

Clark International Airport
Photo #6

Clark International Airport.


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