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Wagner High School Class of 1982
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"Kim Eubanks Jantzen" <jantzen@ctaz.com>
Yeah, we're out here. It's been a long time. Seems like a lifetime, and it guess it really has been, or at least half a lifetime. Kim Eubanks (now Jantzen) here. I remember our class from our freshman and sophomore years. We were an amazing group. When I look at the chances we had for doing things at Wagner, I'm sorry my kids will never have that small school experience, even though we live in a small town. For us, I think the size of the school mattered, but it was like reducing stock in cooking. It seems like we had the benefits of small-town familiarity with the brightness that comes from bringing in new blood. I am saddened by the loss of our school but glad to know many of you are still around checking things out, and making it easier for everyone to find each other. Do you guys remember Christmas Ball the year we were sophomores? We were in charge and we did a great job. It was at the O'Club and it was tons of fun. Keep looking around the site and check out the mailing list, if you haven't already. Lots of fun and good information from people from all decades.

Maria Elena Duron <mduron@basinlink.com>
I remember the sniper attack at the school and the buses surrounding the front windows. I remember the cobra under the chair in the typing room. I remember the B-52's being big. I remember the two hundred wingers. I remember the prom in Manila and our trip to Hundred Islands? Any other 1982 grads out there? 

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