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Tim Vasquez

From David Ruckman
      I just read Susie Hobby's letter on our Class Page and she has inspired me to record some of my own thoughts. WHS was truly a unique place and the great support of individuality and creativity helped me to be the person I am today. I came to the PI in November of 1976 and began attending WMS.
As all of us know, it can be daunting to step into a new school, especially after school has already been in progress for a time. I didn't have any problems fitting in (at least in my rose tinted memories accompanied by a soundtrack o'seventies hits)for it was there that I was finally given an outlet for my creative juices. There was Rosalie Tucker's Theatre class (suddenly there I was writing sketches and song parodies for our own SESAME STREET & CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZAS - WOW!), THE WIZARD OF OZ (actually rehearsing during school hours) and the wonderful History teacher, Jack Smith, who moved over to WHS along with the Class of '80 in '77. Jack allowed me to have film festival periods where I would showcase my latest Super Eight opus to the classes. He also saw how much the history class loved the musical 1776 and produced a production of it with us. That wasn't our grandmother's history class, now was it? Thanks Jack wherever you are.
      When I hit WHS in the Fall of '77 I had already begun to work with the local community theatre, playing Snoopy in YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN. The juices were really flowing now. Keith Tucker and C. Byron Wood were directing the shows, Tucker taught a great "acting" class. So many of the teachers there recognized that creative spark and went out of their way to help nurture it throughout the years - Barbara Goff, Milt Sosnick, Harlene & Dan Mitchum, Pat & Dick Saddlemire, Eugene Edgerly, all of the FLEDGLING sponsors, Vernon Harmelink, Rene Garcia, and, of course, Mr. Wood, who taught me not only biology and theater, but humility - the greatest lesson of all. Byron, if you ever read this, I started a theatre company in NYC a number of years back and we designed our own costumes, but didn't want to put that in the program. I put you down as the designer, and you have quite a career going now. I have since left the company, but C. Byron Wood still designs most of the costumes.
      Milt Sosnick is also forever in my heart and soul for always pushing me academically. He knew how important the arts were to me, but never let me do less than my best - if I did he would rip my head off. Milt also was the man who helped me get choose and get into Northwestern University and I will forever be grateful (God Bless). Barbara Goff, Vern Harmelink & Harlene Mitchum (who didn't let me get away with anything substandard either - Thanks) were my creative writing muses, Dan Mitchum (who did his best to fill me in on what the acting profession would be like) gave me the music, and Pat Saddlemire was the guardian of my heart and psyche.
      To all of those teachers and to my friends and classmates I say, "Thank you." I hope the years have been good to all of you.

Best Regards,
David Ruckman <Ruckman962@aol.com> 

From Susie (Hobby) Helton:

     ...I was just browsing through the Wagner Homepage and thought I would add to the Class of '80 list as it does not seem to be very well represented. :) 
     I have to agree with the assessment of the class of '77 that those were the best years of Wagner High, but I would like to add the class of '80 to the classes of 77,78, and 79. I only attended my freshmen and sophomore years there, but they had such an impact on me, that I never really felt like I left in '78. I think the thing that made Wagner stand out from other schools I attended was the sense of being treated with respect and trust by teachers and pupils alike. We were given alot of freedom to come and go without question. The staff treated us as individuals worthy of autonomy. We were allowed to dress as we liked, spend our resource hours as we liked, create and be in charge of our education. The learning atmosphere at Wagner was rich and unstifled. This is why the alumni from this period have achieved so much. 
     I have not attended the reunions, but I have so wanted to. I seem always to be in the wrong place when one occurs. However, I did go back to the Philippines in 1990 and was there in 1991 when Mt. Pinutubo erupted. I went back as a teacher and was able to reconnect with many of my former teachers not as a pupil anymore, but as a peer. What an experience that was. I wept for all that was lost as the volcano brought everything crashing down upon us. I wept for the death of Wagner High School and all that it had represented to me. I wept for all of the students both present and former, who would never set foot in its hallowed halls again. I wept for the demise of a great institution and the memories that will never leave any of us. I have many great memories from Wagner, but the one overriding is of the school itself and the sense of belonging to such an important part of Wagner History. 
      Wow, it is amazing how we can go so quickly back in time when we write about a particular period of our lives. To this day I still feel so connected to Wagner High School and the people I knew there. I have only run into a few by chance, but I feel through the periodic reunion newsletters we've had, and now through this great homepage, that I could quickly resume relationships that have been dormant for almost twenty years. 
     In looking at the In Memoriam section, I would like to mention that Danny Grant has also passed away, I believe around February of 1995. He was one of my best friends at Clark. We first met at the Stables where we both kept horses. It later turned out that we would live next door to each other on base. Danny was probably best known for his lead roles in such plays as Our Town and George M. Cohen to name a few. When I learned of his death, I was so saddened that his was one of the friendships I had allowed to lapse over the years. Life is short and nothing can ever be taken for granted. Death so often reminds us of this. Well, let me get this off to you. Thank you so much for this wonderful homepage. It allows us to maintain a connection with a part of our history that has left an indelible mark on each of us. 

Susie (Hobby) Helton 
Class of 1980 

From Johnnie Terry Jr.
     I remember standing in line to graduate, Rich Taft, giving the Valedictorian speech, suddenly there was a great loud blast. Guess what? someone had blown-up a bomb at the theater. I'll always remember that. 

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