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    I lived at Clark AFB from September 1972 to January of 1977. I had arrived just as 40 days of continous rain had ended. The Philippines holds alot of important memories for me, as I was there for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and half of 10th grade. My time in the Philippines was my longest continous stay in one home to this day and my longest continous stay in one locality until I moved to Costa Mesa, California, in 1990, where I still live.
    Friends were very important to me, thus I took alot of photos of my friends. Here is a pictorial of some of my memories that may spark some of your memories. I will add to these as time passes. 

 Photo #1

1974 - Virginia Reed with Jr. Teen Club in background. The road to the Main Gate is to the left and the Main Gate would be beyond the Teen Club.

 Photo #2

New Years Eve 1976/77 - Tim Maryland, Tim Griffith, Linda Gunhouse, and Terryl talking to DeeDee Smith on the phone in the Senior Teen Club office. That is Debbie Harold walking in the back.

 Photo #3

October 1976 - Me and Rick Badillo at Pool No. 4, standing at the high dive.

 Photo #4

1976 - This is Stacey Reintjes standing just outside of Wagner before school starts. Stacey and I shared a horse, Rusty, down at the stables.

 Photo #5

1976 - (L to R) DeeDee Smith, Pete Thelin, Mrs. Falcoine, Mike Slupecki, Mr. Falcoine, and Wendy Castle at a Young Disciples meeting.

 Photo #6

1977 - Jim, Dee Dee, Sherry, Josie, and Debbie.

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