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Photos and material contributed by Donna Bomgren '79
Photo #1

Donna's children, Justin (16) and Dana (now 18)

Subject: Contribution
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000
From: DASH0175@aol.com

The site about Wagner and the P.I. is wonderful.  Reading some of the entries about memories there has brought back alot of my own.  My time in the Phillippines was pretty short - only 2 years '76 & '77 but it was the most eventful and memorable two years of my life.  My friends were the most important.  School and the sporting activities were next.  I remember softball with the Falcons as well as with the Yankees.  I remember my dad coaching and being thrown out of the All-Star game.  He also coached the Cowboys and Giants football teams.  I remember Mrs. Hetzel....the greatest teacher of all time.  I remember my name on the Superdecathalon board for 4 records and when I heard about the eruption the only thing I could think of is how sad that others like all of us wouldn't have that place to remember.

I have attached my H.S. Senior pic as well as a picture of my 2 beautiful children Dana (now 18) and Justin (16)
Thank you for creating this web site.
Donna Bomgren '79

Photo #2

Dan and Justin again.

Photo #3

Donna's graduation photo

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