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Wagner High School Class of 1979
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Marryin' Sam
VJ as Marrying Sam at the 3rd Eye Disco back in 84' (29 February). Getting married at a bargain of only p20.00 is Jimmy 'MusicMan' Gill '79 and Maria Uy '83.

Anything to get extra money from the Air Force!

From: Jim Hunt<huntj@mci2000.com>

I was in the class of 79 as a Freshman during the 75-76 school year.

My best memory was not of school but of being on the base swim team. I swam for the Flying Dolphins which at that time was coached by Mrs. Gaude. I remember traveling either to Subic or the Manila Polo club for meets. I got to meet some pretty neat people. The team did travel to Manila as the schools swim team for a big sports meat. We were the Wagner High Water Polo team. It was a rather memorable trip for me since it was the first time I drank beer. Oh the life of a military brat in the PI!

I am looking for either J.C. Tallman or Gail Haak. If you have any information on them I would appreciate it.
Jim Hunt 
Tucson AZ

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