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Weekend of April 22, 2000 at the wedding of Danny Wilson and Tara Adams in Charleston S.C.

left to right, Mark Anderson (WHS-78), Liz Wilson
Anderson (WHS-79), Tara Adams Wilson (bride), Danny Wilson (groom), CMSgt
Bill Wilson, USAF Ret. Clark AB Supply (76-78), Dave Wilson (WHS-78), Julie
Wilson (spouse), Steve Fernandez (WHS-78), and Amelia Fernandez (spouse).

From Myrna Nickelsen

What was unique at Wagner for the class of '78:

While '78ers were in high school at Wagner...

1.Operation Babylift took place. 

2.WHS formed the Curriculum Council, enabling two student representatives to participate. 

3.Falcon Crier staff members were called in to PACAF Headquarters for a briefing on our need to be more careful with editorial comments relating to Marcos and Philippine/US relationship -- in effect providing us with our first taste of censorships. 

4.While not unique to us, there remained a 12:00 curfew. 

5.The Vertigo Disco was in full swing. 

6.Twice while we were in school (that I know of -- '77 and '78), the WHS basketball team won the Far East Championship. 7.Levis' jeans were in short supply.

8.The ONLY fast food restaurants were those at the Bowling Alley and Kelly Theater. 

And I hope that other '78ers add to the list...

Wagner's Class of '78 is unique for the following reasons (with '77 and 79 thrown in!):

1.Disco began during our freshman year and peaked during our senior year, immediately after "Saturday Night Fever's" release. Not exactly something to be truly proud of, but culturally, speaking, the class of '78 spent its years in high school during the tackiest period in history! Long straight hair parted down the middle to the heavy use of curling irons, platform shoes, bell bottoms through their different widths, and polyester mania. 

2.The best drama and musical productions were produced during the years that '78ers were in high school: Antigone, Our Town, Fiddler on the Roof, Illusions, etc... 

3.We had Dake Vahovich in our class who was universally considered the best looking and best all-around-athlete by everyone who went to school with him. 

4.Along with Dake, I think we sneak past the class of '77 in having the largest number of colorful, memorable individuals to attend Wagner: B.T. Uptmor, Paula Tsatsos, David Wilson, John Ward, Junior Hall, Chrys Atwater, Mike Smith, Pam Grice, John Joanou, Heidi Young, Leslie Gilchrist, Joe Avalos... The list is extensive. And together with the class of '77 and '79, they made the 1976-77 school year the most memorable at Wagner High School. 

5.We're the only known Wagner class to have women who kept their maiden names after marriage (no hyphenations, etc.): Julia Sutherland and Myrna Nickelsen. 

6.We're right in between the class of '77 and '79, and I think that the three classes were THE BEST CLASSES that ever walked the halls of Wagner. Collectively, we produced more mavericks, more entrepreneurs, more attorneys, more doctors, more women pilots and engineers, and it was while we worked on the newspaper and yearbook staffs that the Falcon Crier and Fledgling received one award after the other. It's also important to note that members of these classes were born between 1959 and 1961, the last three years of the baby boom era. 

7.It was because of members of the classes of '77 to '79 that the now famous Wagner Reunions came to be! We were always doers rather than dreamers. And with that, I salute all three classes! 

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