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All material contributed by Ernie Segovia '76
The Midterm Baccalaureate of the Class of '76.

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Baguio Trip
Photo #1
Group picture during the trip to Baguio.
Floor. Sue Johnson, Sharon Hetzel?, Heidi Young, Kent Johnson, Adult Chaperon
Sitting. Tami Fitzgerald?, Ernie S, Debbie Hilliard?, Karen Highsmith, Robert B, Debbie G, Sue Wragg?, Nina Pierce, Lisa Ramos, Terri Self, Adult Helper?
3rd Row. ? , E. Sister, ? , E. sister, ? , ? , ? , ? , ? , Steve Bowers, ?
Standing. ? , ? , Tom Kruggle, Bruce Young, Jon Barnhill?, Debbie Pigott, ? , ? , Sharon Camblin?, John Ruff, Chaplin Highsmith
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Coconut Grove Airmen's Club
Photo #2

A napkin from the Clark Air Force Base Airmen's Club, the "Coconut Grove"

The Graduation Card from the Wagner High School Class of 1976, Clark Air Force Base.

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Graduation Card

Midterm Announcement233
Graduation announcement of the Midterm Class of 1976.

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