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    I had some film left in my camera so I took some pictures of what Wagner looks like now.  One is of the gym where we used to hold all of our sports activities and other programs, the other is a shot taken facing the middle school area, and the last is facing the high school office building looking through the area where we used to have lunch under the thatched round tables in the middle of a circle of acacia trees, as you can see all that remains the same is the trees and everything else is a mess. You can blame Mount Pinatubo for that!

Lunchroom Area
Photo #1

Wagner from the old lunch area.

Middle School
Photo #2

The Middle School.

Wagner Gym
Photo #3

Wagner Gym

Photo #4

The Salakot Gate

Photo #5

The Bicentennial Park today

Photo #6

The entrance to the Clark Economic Zone

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