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Wagner High School Class of 1976
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'76 Powderpuff Football
The '76 Powderpuff Football Team - Click on photo to see higher resolution

From Bill Kemp
We were the Bicentennial Seniors! Our class colors were red, white, and blue. Chevy made a special edition red, white, and blue nova that year. I wanted one very badly, like every 18 year old. Most of us got our English credit that year taking Rock Opera and studying Tommy, Hair and JC Superstar!
We went on a field trip to Subic NS to visit the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier. Boy did the Navy sure regret that! The trip ended with several class members being put on International Hold.
The fashion amoung my peer group was "nouveaux sloppy". Jeans and army jackets that everyone would sign. The air was heavy with rock and roll and smoke. Even AFRN was lightening up and playing top 40.
Then, a few months before graduation, the worst part of 1976 happend. DISCO! And I have the pictures of our prom suits to prove how bad things got!

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