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Photos and Material Contributed by Tony Albano '74
Tony Albano '74
Photo #1

hey thought you might be able to use this somewhere on whoa.

its me over
salado texas doing a promotional spot for my biz.....
Blue Skies

God Bless
Tony Albano '74

tony albano class of 74 here thought ya might get a kick outta this...I own company called just in time promotions-----me on the left in photo and mitch touchstone doin a promo for soon to be pres bush.  are in the process of doing a guiness world record flag jump like this except involving 23 skydivers with a 5ft by 40 ft flag falling 120mph. the learning channel
"adrenaline Rush Hour and fox tv guiness show have shown interest and  this should happen in a month or two....Still looking for a sponsor. we will put thier name on flag----eg national exposure/tv/news/guiness book.  thought maybe someone on whoa might know or want to sponsor this......will put your logo/name on this flag.......call or email with any questions..........
Blue Skies
God Bless
Tony Albano/owner just in time promotions 512-335-3263

Photo #2

Another ad photo for the campaign

the co. i own did a promo for the bush campaign last weekend, it might work into a tv ad for mr.bush  thought yall might  get a kick outta this--- future plans for corona beer comercial and dell computer commercial in the works......

Blue Skies
God Bless
Tony Albano

Class of 1974
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