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Bob and Gaye
Bob Fawcett '74 and Gaye Perkins '74 before the Christmas Dance, 1973

"Robert Fawcett" <robfawcett@email.msn.com>
Nice pictures and pages. Do you know where Danny Cobos ever ended up. Last I saw him, I spent the summer of 76 at Andrews AFB in D.C. and we walked memorial day at Arlington. I got a summer job with the park service then and it was an interesting break from school, working the bicentennial. I think my parents still talk with Shannon Smith's parents and I believe they are in Phoenix but I don't know where Shannon is now. Ramona Wimp '76 is in England last I talked to her...she married an F111 pilot. I have some old photos somewhere of PI that I could maybe put on the net that might be at my parents. I am sending two photographs of our alumni-one is Nancy Paul '75 from a picture she gave me, the other is Christmas ball I think 73 with me (Bob Fawcett) with Gaye Perkins.

Dolphin Cheerleaders
The Dolphins Cheerleaders

I can't remember all of their names.  Kelli Moriarty is next to me with her right hand up and I'm kneeling over with my hands on my
knees,  Pamela Grice is doing the splits to the left of the screen, the girl on my back is Pamela Fritsch, Sandy Tkach is standing with her left arm up.

Contributed by Carol McClellan '78

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