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Material and photos contributed by Mike Ward '70
13th Place, Clark AFB, 1989
Photo #1

Temporary quarters, 139 13th Place, Clark AFB, 1989

Photo #2

Two pictures of Mike and his arsenal, Clark AFB, 1966.

Mortar rounds
Photo #3

(1966) Me and a buddy Dave Antosz with some surplus American moartar rounds (some big 'uns). We walked by these so many times that it was time for their picture. Not time for their powder charge to go off from handling, though - that time.

We figured they were leftover from the effort to take the ridge behind us. On the other side of the ridge is where most of the japanese caves were. The area looked to be one of the major japanese defense strongpoints.

Photo #4

General's Quarters, Clark AFB, 1989

General's quarters, Clark AFB, 1989

Hill area
Photo #5

The Hill area from the water tank, Clark AFB, 1989.

Photo #6

Outside the Hill area fence, Clark AFB, 1989.

Hills, Clark AFB, 1989


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