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    I was born in the Philippines shortly after the end of World War II in the town of Binmaley, Pangasinan Province, near the Lingayen Gulf in northern Luzon. From 1946 to 1951 I lived in Manila near Nichols Field, and at Clark Field/Ft. Stottsenburg.  Our family  moved back to the Philippines and Clark Air Base in 1958 until 1964.  I visited the Philippines for the last time in 1967 to 1968.
    The following photos and other material are my attempt at documenting the people, places and events of those time periods.  Many related family pictures are also included.

Music from the Teenclub Jukebox
Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry
RealAudioJohnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry
MP3Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry

CAB Newcomer's Brochure, circa 1962
Photo #1

The front page of the Clark Air Base "Newcomer's Guide" from the early '60s.

    Not many years after having lived at Clark AB as a dependent in the early 60's, I woke up in the hospital there after a bad day in Viet Nam.  A few days later some of us "escaped" from the ward and I went gimping around looking at some of the old haunts... Wagner, the teen club, my old quarters up on 2nd place, Cathie's old house in the Stone Barrio, even the stables.  It was very sad for a lot of reasons I didn't want to understand at the time.  I wanted, somewhat desperately I suppose, to recapture the innocence and adolescent happiness of those "American Graffiti" days.  They didn't want to be recaptured at the time.   I requested and got an early release from the hospital to rejoin my team and didn't think much about Clark and how wonderful my teen years were there until I stumbled on this list and Gary's WHOA site last year and then wound up going to the Washington DC reunion that Ruth and Jim Kent organized this past summer..  I wasn't really prepared for the emotional roller coaster that experience actually was either, but I wouldn't trade it for anything (beau coup and mucho thanks to you, Ruth and Jim..).  Today I count myself among the most fortunate guys in the world to have lived there back in those days and to have shared that time with such an incredible group of people.  Your pictures and your maps bring that home again. 
Thanks, Geoff Shaw '65."

Don't Let Go - Roy Hamilton - 1958
RealAudioDon't Let Go - Roy Hamilton - 1958
MP3Don't Let Go - Roy Hamilton

Joe Yuponce '65 and Butch Sapp '65 Photo #2

Joe Yuponce '65 (left) and
Butch Sapp '65 after school, Wagner High School, circa 1963.

Remember those blue school buses?

    "Adult educational opportunities are available at the Education Center for military and civilian personnel and their dependents on Clark Air Base. Elementary, secondary, vocational and college level courses leading toward diplomas or degrees are conducted in on-duty and off-duty classes. Special attention is given to those who have not completed high school. Many people obtain a high school diploma or a State Equivalence Certificate (GED) test. The College Level GED test is also available. USAFI courses may also be taken via correspondence or self study. 
    In 1953 a branch of the University of the Philippines was established as a base residence program leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees in the liberal arts. Credits and degrees earned through the University of the Philippines are readily transferable to leading colleges and universities throughout the United States. 
    The Wurthsmith Memorial School, a modern school designed for "tropical teaching and learning," is tuition free to all school age dependents of military and civilian personnel here at Clark. 
    The latest addition to the base system is the air-conditioned Wagner High School, occupied in April 1961. Because of an excess of elementary pupils, the 5th through the 8th grade also use this school, in addition to the regular high school age students. 
Regular AF school buses transport students from on and off base housing areas. Entry into first grade is dependent upon age verified by birth certificate or certified statement and other grades require a transcript of credits, report card or other records. So be sure and include these papers when you pack ! 
    Wurthsmith School conducts a remedial six-week summer school program to correct school deficiency-caused-by-travel problems before the start of each school year. All textbooks, work books and other supplies are furnished to the students free of charge and pencils and paper are issued on regular schedules to meet their needs. New desks adorn many of the rooms and a well-stocked library is available with approximately 7000 volumes at both the elementary and high schools. Swimming instruction is available to students through Red Cross instructors. Student Council, National Honor Student, school paper, year book and a crowded sports program offer channels for every student's interests." 
From the Clark AFB Newcomer's Guide, circa 1962

Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard - 1958
RealAudioGood Golly Miss Molly -  Little Richard - 1958
MP3Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard

Judy Stroh '66
 Photo #3
Judy Stroh '66, between classes, Wagner HS, circa 1963. 

Notice the tell tale rolled-up PE towel under her arm.
Background, Sharon Woods.

"Super pictures of the school. Thats Sharon Woods walking up behind Judy Stroh. Sharon always had that pigeon toes sort of walk. 
Remember who else had that walk....? I'll bet a few of the guys from that time do.....:)"
Geoff Shaw '65

Been So Long
RealAudioBeen So Long
MP3Been So Long

Jim Getto '65
Photo #4

Jim Getto '65, one of the "Balibago Boyz" circa 1962, in front of our favorite Sari Sari store in Mountain View subdivision.


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