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Wagner High School Class of 1965
1965 Yearbook
1965 Yearbook - 1965 Commencement Program - 1946 to 1965 Alumni Association - Reunions
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'65 grads
The Graduating Class of 1965  (click on picture to see a full-sized photo)
From Geoff Shaw
    Those were the days of reconstituted milk, C-121 flights from hell, being banned from Baguio, day trips to Subic for "real" milk and whatever else we could lay our hands on, and house guards on the Hill who still carried bows, arrows, and blowguns. I remember the guy who guarded our house up on 2nd Place showing a couple of us how he could put three darts into a matchbook cover from about 25 paces in just a few seconds. We thought that was pretty cool. Then another Negrito who had been watching tossed an old softball high in the air and both of them nailed it with darts before it hit the ground. We definately thought that was cool. Honda 50 and 55cc minibikes were the wheels of choice. An aledgedly beefed up Lambretta sans side panels would do if you had already been around for a couple years. When your dad took your wheels away there were the always late blue, brown, yellow and red busses.
    There were a lot of long summer days hanging out on the upper deck of the patio around the O Club pool. The unspoken protocol of the day was that the upper deck was pretty much for high school kids only. At least we all thought that was the protocol...
    The center of the universe on weekend nights was the Teen Club. We would all meet there and go off to whatever we could get away with....or not get away with as luck would have it on any particular night. In those days the Continuing Education Center was across the street from the teen club. It had these really convenient little alcoves that many of us will remember fondly.... Quite a few of us recieved quite a bit of continuing education, as it were, over there on those balmy nights...)
    To say that those were fine and wonderful days would be an understatement of cosmic proportions. Looking through my sisters year books of those days (mine were long lost...bummer..) shows how clearly most of us were enjoying some of the finest days any kid could hope for. It was a definate American Graffiti kinda time and tone.
I think its safe to say that most of us who were there them just as in the years since then, who remeber those days fondly, no matter how much we complained at the time. I know that when the day finally and inevitably came for us to leave, few of us were completely dry eyed. Going down to the flight line to see our frineds, girlfriends and boyfriends off was a bitter sweet thing to do. We'd smile through our tears (or hide them vainly), wish our friends well, pledge undying devotion, and know in our hearts that we may never see each other again.
    I also remember the joy and wonder of it all when a few of us would manage to get together while we were still kids on other bases, in other towns and cities around the world. Hearing about long lost friends finding each other again via this list reminds me of how nice it felt. Thanks to Gary for putting this list up and to all the others for keeping it going.

Joe Yuponce '65 and Helen Wright '65
Joe Yuponce '65 and Helen Wright '65 - Contributed by Rosalie Yuponce '68

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