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All photos and material contributed by Clarke Pressly '61
Photo #1

Left, Sharon Bell, Will Hutcheons, and Sandee Settle

Sharon and Sandee visited the big Hollywood set for "Merrill's Marauders" (partially filmed on and near Clark AFB), but the actor, Will Hutcheons, star of TV's "Sugarfoot" western series, thought he'd have some fun with them.

Photo #2

Left, Clarke Pressly, Peter Brown, Jerry Bender, Ron Jordan, Doug Armstrong, and Chuck Nugent

Another "Mauraders" star, Peter Brown, partying with some of the guys -- some of us were actually in that movie!

Photo #3

A typical day in class at the old Wurtsmith High School (how could we forget those quonset huts? Notice the big fan to keep us "cool"). Starting on the left, with the flowerchild, it's Jim Russell, Steve Ehart, Patty DeSart, and Carolyn Everett.

Photo #4

Another casual class shot -- from left, Buddy Hudgins, Judy Weaver, Wanda Archilla, Sam "the leg" Martin, Dick Wilson, Jim Russell, Steve Ehart (and Patty DeSart's arm). No comments.

Photo #5

Final class view, with (from left) Diana "Dee" Dodson (not too happy, huh?), Larry Mitson (behind), Buddy Hudgins (thirsty), Judy Weaver, Wanda Archilla, Dick Wilson (goofing off), Sam Martin's leg (again), and Jim Russell. What a bunch of scholars!

Photo #6

The lovely Sherri Wiechman, doing her slave thing, who looked good no matter what she was wearing!

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